Rechargeable NIMH AA, AAA

Voltage :
Capacity :
850, 2250 mAh
Size :
Chemistry :

Product Advantages

Unlocking Superior Benefits Rechargeable NIMH AA, AAA
Lasting Charge
Retains 70% capacity after three years, exceptionally durable.
Eco Savings
Recharges 1200 times, significantly cuts costs and waste.
Broad Compatibility
Ideal for high-drain devices; replaces disposable alkaline batteries.
Extended Lifespan
Up to 1200 recharges, equals 1200 disposable batteries.
Advanced Protection
Rigorously tested, ensures safety and enhances device performance.

Lasting Charge

Charge once and forget; maintains 70% capacity after three years, significantly outlasting conventional rechargeable batteries.

Eco Savings

Rechargeable up to 1200 times, this battery not only saves money but also reduces environmental waste from disposables.

Broad Compatibility

Perfect for high-drain devices like digital cameras and toys, these batteries seamlessly replace less efficient alkaline batteries.

Extended Lifespan

Offers up to 1200 charge cycles, providing long-term savings by replacing over a thousand single-use alkaline batteries.

Advanced Protection

Thoroughly tested for safety and performance to enhance power delivery and ensure reliability in all your devices.


Exploring the Versatile Applications of Rechargeable NIMH AA, AAA

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