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Hearing Aids Powered by Melasta Lithium-ion Button Cells

Hearing aids are vital devices that enhance auditory experiences for individuals with hearing loss, allowing them to engage more fully in daily activities. These small electronic devices, worn in or behind the ear, amplify sounds to facilitate clearer communication in both quiet and noisy environments. Despite their significant benefits, only about 20% of those who could benefit from a hearing aid actually use one.

Why Choose Melasta Li-ion Button Cells for Hearing Aids?

Melasta’s lithium-ion button cells are specifically designed to meet the unique demands of hearing aid devices. Our cells feature a laminated production process that outperforms traditional coiling process batteries in several key aspects:

  • High Efficiency and Safety: The cells operate with a nominal voltage of 3.7V to 3.85V and are equipped with safety certifications such as UN 38.3 and IEC 62133.
  • Customizable Dimensions and Shapes: With diameters starting at 7.8mm and heights from 2.4mm, our batteries can be customized to fit specific device requirements, ensuring a perfect integration.
  • Enhanced Performance: Offering nominal capacities from 24-87mAh and a full charged voltage of 4.2V to 4.4V, these batteries support high discharge rates (up to 2C continuously) and charging rates (up to 5C), enhancing user experience.
  • Extended Lifecycle: Melasta button cells maintain over 80% of their initial capacity even after 500 charge cycles, promoting longevity and reliability.
  • Optimal Operating Conditions: They are designed to charge efficiently within a wide temperature range (0 to +45℃), with storage conditions optimized between -20℃ and 20℃ for up to 12 months.

Advantages of Melasta’s Technology:

  • Low Internal Resistance and High Discharge Voltage: Thanks to the advanced laminated production process, our batteries maintain a high discharge platform voltage, delivering consistent performance throughout their lifecycle.
  • Flexibility in Design: Customizable to fit a variety of shapes and sizes, Melasta batteries are ideal for diverse application scenarios, including uniquely shaped hearing aids.
  • Patented Technology: With 42 patents in battery technology and design, Melasta ensures that each product is protected and innovative, backed by rigorous quality control standards.

Support and Services:

  • Local and Instant Support: We provide immediate customer service in major markets including China, USA, and Germany.
  • Customization and Production: From samples to mass production, Melasta offers flexible support for customized solutions, including assembly services, ensuring that each battery perfectly matches the structural design of your hearing aids.

Choose Melasta for reliable, high-performance lithium-ion button cells that enhance the functionality and user experience of hearing aids, making daily communication clearer and more enjoyable.

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