History Page

From its founding in Hong Kong in 2008, Melasta has rapidly evolved, expanding globally and advancing in battery technology, including establishing key manufacturing facilities and becoming a leading supplier in the industry

Fujian, Quanzhou
Energy Storage System Manufacturing Plant

Added a new manufacturing Facility specialized for Energy Storage System in Quanzhou, Fujian.

Shenzhen, China
National Hi-Tech Enterprise
Got the Award as National Hi-Tech Enterprise of China
Dongguan China
Established Dongguan Melasta Electronics Co., Ltd
Established Established Dongguan Melasta Electronics Co., Ltd with the focus of BMS design and Customized Battery Pack
Dongguan China
Established Fully Automated Production Line
Established fully automated production line for Ni-ZC battery in Sichuan and Research and Development lab for Energy storage system.
USA, Germany, Belgium
Expanded Geographical Network
Melasta expanded the geographical boundaries and founded branches in Belgium, Germany, and USA.
Shenzhen, China
Become The One Of The Leading Supplier
Established Shenzhen Melasta Battery Co., Ltd. and become the one of the leading supplier of high drain LiPO Cell with the monthly output of more than 1 MWh.
Shenzhen, China
Development Of Irregular Shape Battery
Melasta developed irregular-shape Li-polymer battery in multiple width and sizes. These shapes include round, square, D and etc.
Shenzhen, China
Melasta Corporation Establishment
It was established by the joint venture of three factories that mainly focused on Ni-MH and LiPO batteries.
Melasta Founded In Hong Kong